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Fertilization Plant Annual Colors
Chemical Application Tree Trimming
Irrigation Clean Ups
Planting Winter Rye Aeration      
One of the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy landscape is fertilization. Elite Landscaping, Inc. has experienced and knowledgeable people who know the correct times and seasons and the amounts to use for your landscape to keep its luster.
   Chemical Application 
Elite Landscaping, Inc. has a full-time applicator on staff licensed by the state to properly apply chemicals for your many needs.
As an annual service to our customers, we offer aeration to help ensure a healthy, fertile lawn.
     Planting Winter Rye
We offer perennial and winter rye for the customer that enjoys a lush, green landscape the entire year.
     Plant Annual Colors  
At Elite Landscaping, Inc., we are committed to planting annual colors. It's amazing how much of a difference a little color makes in the appearance of a landscape. When done right, it will transform a plain yard into a beautiful, colorful custom landscape.
     Tree Trimming 
Tree trimming services is just one of the many services Elite Landscaping, Inc. provides its clients.
     Clean Ups     
Nature sometimes gives the word 'overwhelming' a new meaning. With heavy storms knocking off branches and blowing around debris or growth that just needs to be taken out, you may need help getting things back into shape. For the clients who find the landscape of their property has gone out of control, we offer a variety of clean-up services.
As well as maintaining your existing system, we also handle the installation of irrigation equipment of all scales and phases.
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