Our family is looking for Dinh Thuy Trang, born on 08/1965.  Was taken by Thai pirates on 10/26/85.  the rest of the peoples on the boat
did arrived in Bidong on boat number MB 456.  Our family is still missing and searching for her after all these years. Please help if you have any
information on her where about. Please email at: qnguyen@mdanderson.org

Le, Thi Thoan mother.  Dinh, Thi Thoan - older sister.  Dinh, Nam - younger brotherDinh, Thi Sau - younger sister  I am looking for the following: my mother, Le Thi Thoan, now in her late 60s; my older sister, Dinh Thi Thoan, in her late 30s; my younger brother, Dinh Nam, in his early 30s; and my younger sister, Dinh Thi Sau, in her late 20s.
My family used to live in a village called Bu Nard, located between Dong Xoai and Phuc Tinh. We were extremely poor. One day--I think it was around 1970a strange lady came to town and asked my mother to let me go to work for a woman in another town; she told my mother I would be paid 3000 dong a month and would be able to come home once a month to visit. I did not get paid, nor did I get to see my family again after that. At the time I left home, no member of my family could read or write in any language.
I have not had contact with any member of my family in almost 30 years. If you know the where abouts of any member of my family, please contact me by e-mail: k.l.henderson@mci2000.com. Thank you for your help. Lien

Dinh Thuy (sir_xdaemon@yahoo.com)
Tm Ba.n: Ti`m di` te^n la` *** Vo~ Thi. Hue^. *** va` *** Du+o+ng Thi. Tha'i *** DDi.nh cu* ta.i Australia. DDi.a chi? cu? la` 5 Kiemits PL. Mackellar ACT. 2617 Australia (khoa?ng na(m 1989). Gia ddi`nh va` ho. ha`ng go^`m nhu*~ng ng**` co' te^n:. Ba` Le^ Thi. To^'t. O^ng Trang Va(n Va.n. Chu' Du*o*ng Minh Thua^.n . Vo*. la` Nguyen My~ Le^.. (dda'm cu*o*'i nga`y 29, tha'ng 01, 989 ta.i Canberra. . Ne^'u ai quen bie^'t nhu*~ng ngu*o*`i co' te^n ke^? tre^n xin lie^n la.c ba'o tin giu`m. Ca?m ho*n. . ps: di` Tha'i co' 2 con con te^n la` Ha?i va` Thi. Ba.n quen tu*` nho? la^u qua' kho^ng co`n nho*' te^n nguye^n va(n.

Tm Ba.n: Tim Dinh van Phan dinh cu O JAPAN hon 20 nam nay. duoc tin nay lien lac gap co tin dac biet.hay ba con nao cung My-Khe co the lien lac de chung ta giu mai soi giay lien lac nay. NGUYEN,SANH (DANANG03@ALTAVISTA.COM)