Tm Nga đi theo diện con lai, trước ở Phi năm 1990. Nếu ai biết nhắn dm: Hong Mộng Thu (510) 389-8209  after 8Pm
Pham Thi Mai, sinh nam 1954, truoc o tai Thi Nghe.
 Mong muon tim ban hoc cu la : Hoang Thi Thu Huong - 49 tuoi. Truoc Thu Huong hoc o Truong Thanh Anna Thu Thiem - Sai Gon, Vietnam. Mai va Thu Huong la ban hoc cung truong.Nha me cua Thu Huong o 2 / 14 Nguyen Du - Go Vap - TP.HCM Mai co hoi tham Soeur Hoa duoc biet Huong hien nay dang o My, tieu bang Washington va da lap gia dinh voi mot nguoi My. So dien thoai cua Thu Huong ma Soeur Hoa cho Mai la : 703-931-6554 nhung Mai khong lien lac duoc.
 Mai khong biet cach nao de lien lac duoc voi Thu Huong. Mai nho Thu Huong nhieu lam. Mong Thu Huong lien lac voi Mai. Neu Thu Huong doc duoc tin nay hoac ai biet dia chi hay thong tin ve Huong, xin lien lac :
 Pham Thi Mai e-mail : Dien thoai : 84-8-8430574
Xin chan thanh cam on rat nhieu. Rat mong tin.

 Hoang, Quang Vinh    Huynh cong Nam tim ban Hoang quang Vinh , hoc chung tai truong trung hoc     Nguyen ba Tong o (Gia Dinh) lop 11B3, nam 72-73 va Luat khoa 73-74. Tat ca ban ten la Tai, Loc, Dung, Khanh Hong (choi Violon), Phong cao.  My phone (619)573-0954 or e.mail

Hoang Trong Dang     Hello my name is Chi Craig formerly Hoang Thi Thuy Chi. I am looking for my dad who I have not seen for about 12 years. I don't know his birth date but I know that he came from a very big family in Dalat. He served in the army for all of his life. His name was Hoang Trong Dang, I believe he should be about 55 years old by now.     Anyone with any information, please contact me at Thank you

  Hoang, Trong Lan      I am looking for a friend whose name is Hoang Trong Lan. His native town is Ban Me Thuot, Viet Nam. Formely address: 5A Quang Trung. Ban Me  Thuot. ( xom chua ). Student of Tong Hop High School. He's residing in Canada.     If anyone has any information, please   email to:  Thank you.

Hoang, Dinh Lac     I first knew Lac when he was serving as an interpreter for 3rd Tank Bn., 3rd  Marine Div. in 1965-66. I ran into him  again when I went to Viet Nam in the  Army. He was working for COORDS in  DaNang. This was in 1972. He had been  a teacher in Saigon prior to coming into  the Vietnamese Army.     I've been wondering for years now what happened to him. If someone knows him, please have him write to me.     Lyle Babbitt     20 Boak Mountain Lane   Vine Grove, KY 40175    Email:

Hoang Anh Tuan ( Tm Ba.n: Tim lai ban cu truoc nam 75 o PleiKu (Truong Minh Duc) o SaiGon (Truong Thang Long & Tien Giang).Hay Lien lac ve Hoang anh Tuan. Tel:0049 172 9519504. Tuan hien cu tru tai Berlin-Germany

Hoang thi ngoc diep (

HOANG THE VAN ( Tm Ba.n: Toi muon tim lai nguoi thay cu day Anh Ngu ( English )o nh tho Galang2 vao nam 1992, ten Hoang The Van, di tau 6687,2 nguoi Van v Thac. Thay Van hien o dau hay co ban nao biet tin tuc xin cho Cuong biet. thanh that xin cam on.. Cuong (TNTT)

I'm searching for my FATHER HOANG VAN NHA who abandoned my MOTHER and I in 1981 in the Dallas/Fort Worth,TX. area,he immigrated into this area in1981,after finding out my MOTHER was pregnant with me, he left us. The last known location was in the San Jose,CA. area, he was born in Saigon/Hochiminh City,Vietnam in 1959.My name is Jenny Lam and my mothers name is Duyen Hung Lam, can you please help?My email address is       RESPECTFULLY

Cuu A-khoi truong Bo-De (Hue) truoc nam 75 , ten Hoang-Thi-Be , que o Duong-Mong, Phu-Vang , Hue - Nguyen la vo cuu Dai-Uy Cam o su-doan 1/phao-binh (Da chet trong tu cai tao) , co 5 con - Da di dien H.O - Hien nay o dau ? Xin lien lac qua dien thoai so (202)-338-6243 hoac email qua dia chi . Rat mong duoc tin .  Cam on nhieu.