I'm looking for Mr .NGO QUANG LONG, who has living in Japan three years for school from Vietnam ( Thu Duc ), please contact me as soon as you get this massage, I'm waiting for you for a long time, and now I'm atill waiting for you, so email me Ok? anyway I hope to see you real soon. . . Love.. Ngoc Bich.Ngoc Bich (ngbich73@hotmail.com)

Ngo, Thi Hoang Yen     I'd like to know the whereabouts of a longtime friend of mine, her name is Ngo thi Hoang Yen, born on 9/24/1954,  daughter of Mr. Ngo Phuong Chu and Ms. Le thi Mai. Last known address is somewhere in Texas.     Anyone who knows her, please tell her to call Cuong Le @ 301-519-1843 or e-mail  to ledan1@erols.com Thanks.

Ngo, Ve Chanh     I am trying to find my girlfriend from 1968 who lives somewhere in Saigon/Cholon.     Her name is Ngo Ve Chanh and in 1968 she lived at 108 Le Dai Hanh in Cholon.     She has an Amerasian son born around March 1969. As far as I know, she has  been widowed since about 1991 or 92 and is still in Vietnam, in or near  Saigon/Cholon. All I'm lacking is an address.  Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.     Please reply to me at nicksog@aol.com

Ngo, Thanh Trung (Dung)      Ng thnh Trung, nick name Du~ng or ch Nu, born in 1953, escaped from re-education camp Sng B in July 1976 with a group of five persons. Family lost contact with him from that time. If you have any information about Ng thnh Trung, please contact his mother and his sister at:     E-mail: antimater@juno.com -Telephone   (757) 424-8186 or (757)424-1344.    Thanks.

Ngo, Tan Binh     Muon tim lai nguoi ban ten la Ngo Tan Binh truoc o chung ben trai ty nan o Pulau Bidong Malaysia di dinh cu o ben UC (Australia) nam 1988.     Xin lien lac ve Nguyen Minh phone 714-537-7267 or e-mail minh3@jps.net     khi di vuot bien co di chung voi nguoi chau ten Huy nguoi chau thi dinh cu o MY.

Ngo^, Kha('c Ta^n   Hello, I lost contact with my friend, Mr Ngo^ Kha('c Ta^n, since I left VN in 78. He and I attended Taberd since first grade. In 75 we were in 8th grade, then 76 we were in 9P4 under brother Bonnaventure  Nghia~. In 77-78 I was in Co^ Giang school and he was in Nguyen Ba Tong,  but we still kept in touch. If anyone from Taberd who knows where Ta^n is please email me at     tranqt@crbesmtp.dt.navy.mil

Ngo Thi Thanh Tam (ttng17@hotmail.com)   Tm Ba.n: Tim ban Pham Thi Lien truoc nam 1975 lam o beauty salon Thong, 152 chi lang, Phu Nhuan. Nay chi o dau hay e-mail cho em, Ngo thi thanh tam at ttng17@hotmail.com

Ky-Nguyen Pham (phamkynguyen@aol.comTm Ba.n: Muon tim hai truoc o chung trai Fort Chaffee Ark. Ten la Le Van Hiep hoi truoc o Warran, Michigan va Ngo Xuan Thanh con cua General: Ngo Quang Truong. Hien gio hai ban o dau cho Nguyen biet.. E-mail hoac phone 408-259-4667

Tuan Hoang Ngo (tuanngo97@dotplanet.com) Tm Ba.n: Muon tim ban cu. Nguyen Thi Phung, Hoang Thi Phuong, Hoang Thi Lan, Nguyen Manh Tuan, Nguyen Manh Tien, Nguyen Anh Chuong. Cac ban truoc quen va hoc chung lop tai Vietnam. Hien gio dang o dau, xin lien lac cho Tuan Hoang Ngo tai Virginia. Phone 703-205-9775. Dia chi 2993 Monticello Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042. Rat mong tin cac ban.

Hi cac ban,  Mnh la cu hoc sinh Nguyen Trai, nien khoa 1963-70.  Muon lien lac vi cac ban cu. Ten mnh la`: Ngo Anh Hoang NgoAHoang@online.de